Review on the new book “Emgu CV Essentials”

emgucv essentials


This book is quite interesting in guiding starters from knowing-nothing to basic image processing. Also it is a good learning material for emgu cv based image processing.

In chapter 1, an introduction to emgu cv is given, along with the comparisons between the native openCV and other computer vision libraries. However, this part seems somehow over emphasised as the comparisons between the libraries cannot bring too much value to readers who want to learn emgu CV and how to use it in programmes. So, the advantages of emgu CV that are presented in forms of practical examples may give more benefits to readers.

In chatper 2, the installation of emgu CV is described in three mainstream platforms. It will be better if the chapter provides more details of where to reach the reference materials in internet, and if the troubleshooting can be a little longer and in more details, this part can be very helpful to new readers who just start the emgu CV journey.

The other chapters are quite worth reading, full of information and useful tips. If there are more examples provided in the book in different chapters, such as using emgu CV for hand tracking, gesture recognition and other hot applications, the book can surely become more like a must-reading one, rather than a reference manual only.

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