Hand gesture detection and recognition using openCV




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Clicking the pictures and the detailed previews will display which show the hand contours extracting from video capture. These pictures illustrate the results of color based segmentation for hand gesture detection ( not recognition yet ). it is a  real time programme,  however, in this demonstration, the programme still depends on environments’ light , because of the color based segmentation method. If, combinned with motion detection and background substraction, it supposes to be robuster.

UPDATE[10, Jul, 2012]: a full example of hand gesture (fist in this instance) detection and recognition using openCV haar classifier training is updated in Hand gesture detection and recognition using openCV 2.

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156 Comments On “ Hand gesture detection and recognition using openCV”

  1. Wayne says:

    Hi andol. Great work! How did you finally manage to detect the contour of your hand with the noise and stuff? From an older post it reads “But the noise is easy to take off”… how did you do that?

    • Andol says:

      Well, i used two steps to get the noises away which include using blur to smooth big contours and to melt numerous small contours, secondly, according to the hand characters, select largest contour as target.

  2. bill says:

    Hi. Will you be posting your code for this as you did for the circle detect? In the circle detect, there are two includes for math.h. Not being a C++ coder, I wonder what the differences in syntax between ” and < are for the math.h include files. Cheers.

    • Andol says:

      Oh, the twice includes of math.h in circle detection codes was a mistake. You can delete one of them and debug it again, that would be fine, no different. About the code, yeah, i ll update it soon.

  3. Name says:

    can u share the source code for this?

  4. Andol says:

    The codes are here: codes

  5. fireball says:

    hi li,in the page http://www.andol.info/hci/1097.htm
    I dont find the gesture recognition code , I have download hsv.cpp in the “sharing code” page which is not the one showing in this page.

  6. Jose says:

    Me podrias ayudar, estoy tratando de hacer algo parecido, mas segun yo voy en la segmentacion

  7. Amir Hakim says:

    plz Andol
    i do a project that detect the hands in a difference states so w need ur advice how do this ??/

  8. ostrov says:

    Thank you,
    very interesting article

  9. quarks says:

    hi would you please show this code ,i need this kind of code for my implementation

  10. kabir hossain says:

    fantasfic work ..really helpfull.

  11. gem says:

    hi i need this codes ,the codes u specified is not avilable woud u helo me

  12. Angel_Gurl says:

    Hi Andol! I’m new to opencv…lately i’ve been trying to do hand detection (detect hand and place a circle around it)…can you please help me? do i need to use haar classifier?
    Thank You

    • Andol says:

      haar classifier is used to detect specified and predefined gestures, it is stable and effective once the training is finished. If you can get sufficient examples both positive and negative it would be very recommended to do so.

  13. Ashutosh Mukherjee says:

    I m doing the exact project in my engineering final year project but i have not used HAAR cascades but i have used skin segmentation to filter hand skin…. wud be glad if u can share ur email address so that i can clarify my doubts….. need some guidance in hand gesture recognition.

  14. Ashutosh Mukherjee says:

    Sir i have mailed u on ur hotmail account with some screenies and our exact problem…. we r anxiously waiting for ur reply…

  15. ritika says:

    thank you…

  16. Alexandre says:

    So far you have been very helpful with your recent articles and I would like you to know that I am grateful for your sharing.
    Hi! I was wondering if you might have any insight as to how I might go about identifying each finger and the thumb. Do you know what I could do next?

  17. Dhruv Adhia says:

    I can share finger detection with you guys if you want.

  18. Jonathan says:

    @Dhruv it’d be wonderful if you could share it here! i’m pretty bad at programming but i need a finger/hand detection with tracking, any of u could help me out? my emails jona_lim87@hotmail.com any help is really really appreciated

  19. mzy says:

    hi,Andol, when i test the program you wrote in http://download.andol.info/hsv.cpp I cannot get any boundary shown above, is the program latest, my circumstance is vc++ 6.0 opencv1.0, looking forward to your reply, thanks.

    • Andol says:

      @Mzy, my thinking is the parameters of H, S, and V should have some adjustments according to your environments.

      • Yogendra says:

        its very nice as i am able to see the boundary but it possible that if i open one figure its count 1 and if 2 then 2 if is there a way please tell me

        • Andol says:

          if is possible to count the finger number based on the hsv skin colour segmentation – however, it is noted with not very high stability because the dynamic nature of colour range and backgrounds.

  20. Ansam says:

    Hi Andol, I couldn’t find the source code for the gestures !!! I found just a code for Hand Detection.
    Please I need a link for it.

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